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  • Certified Accounting & Taxation Course
    • Theoretical understanding.
    • Finalization of Accounts.
    • GST entries & Adjustment.
    • Monthly & Yearly closing entries.
    • Introduction to Business case study & Tally.
  • Data Visualization in Excel/Business Intelligence Dashboard

    In this course you will learn how to visualize data in excel.How can we build or make automated, reusable dashboards, MIS reports & Models etc. It may be either in graphical representation or tabular format.

  • GST Annual Membership

    Update with GST Anytime

    • 25+ Webinar in a Year.
    • Dedicated whatsApp Group.
    • Calling Facility on Key dates.
    • Recording of all Webinar.
  • GST Certification Course

    GST Certification Course is designed to consider the requirement from GST beginner to GST Expert.

    This GST Certification course is for everyone who wishes to learn and study GST and become an expert in GST or wants to become a certified GST practitioner with this GST Certification Course.

  • Income Tax Practitioner Course
    • Beginner with Practical Income Tax Practitioner course will be a practical oriented course.
    •  Explaining the provision which is required in daily basis.